Costa Med Consulting

 Translation Services,  CostaMedConsulting are able to assist / translate at a Public Notary, local Town Hall’s, Police Station, Schools, Doctors and Banks relating to all types of matters.

We value very highly the importance of our clients receiving a title deed to the property that they have decided to invest in.

You are welcome to consult us on any questions before signing a purchase contract; we will always give you neutral advice and can of course provide you with the relevant property searches before taking that important step of committing yourself through a purchase contract.

Remember, that all documentation is mostly written in Spanish as that is the official legal language of the country – it is therefore important that at all times you know and understand the contents.

For example the title deed, not only checking that the personal details are correct but also to know that the property is debt free and that the description of the title deed about to be signed has the same description as in reality.

There are many properties with extensions that unfortunately have never been registered or legalised and it can become a very expensive “lesson” for you if they are not checked at the time of signing.

One of our specialities is the verbal translation services at the notary office when the title deed is to be signed.

Written translation services are also available.


If you need help with any type of translation services you are kindly asked to contact us directly for a quotation.