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  Spanish Will – If you have assets in Spain, in the form of a property, car, boat, bank accounts, shares etc. you should make a Spanish Will this will detail exactly what you wish to happen and who should be the beneficiaries in the event of your death.

Not all countries have the same laws and it is very important that the correct ones are applied to your estate.

Whenever there are more than one person listed on the title deeds of a property, a Spanish Will should be made by each person.

Making a Spanish Will need not be difficult or painful; in a comfortable, private environment we will assist you in the planning and can give advice on the most effective way to reduce the inheritance tax for your individual circumstances.

The Spanish Will is then signed in front of a local Public Notary at a convenient time.

The original Spanish Will is then registered in Madrid at the “will registry” and a copy will be given to you and a letter explaining what action is required should the need arise, an English translation is available for you if you should you require it.

By not having a Spanish will it will undoubtedly lead to unnecessary costs, for help and advice please contact us.

Spanish will only applies to assets in Spain, and would have no legality in any other country.