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  NIE number

The NIE number  (Número de Identificación Extranjeros) must be obtained before the sale, purchase or acquisition of any Spanish property.   Once registered correctly this number identifies you to the Spanish tax authority.

Once issued the NIE number is for life and does not change, it is necessary and will be used on any official documents, selling or purchasing a property, paying taxes, purchasing a car or opening a bank account.

We can help you with the preparation and presentation of the application through to the collection of the certificate at the corresponding police authority.


This Residencia certificate is now printed on a green paper and is issued by various offices of Extranjeria or National Police, through an appointment system.  The certificate states your name, address, nationality, NIE number and date of registration; and is proof that you are a registered foreigner living in Spain.

From 28 March 2007, Royal Decree 240/07 required that all EU citizens planning to reside in Spain for more than 6 months of the year must obtain the new form of Residencia to show their residency.

Depending on the location of your property and residency will depend on the paperwork required to make the application, please contact us to verify for you personally.


The Padron is a certificate issued to property owners to enable the local government to calculate how many people are living in an area and helps them to manage grants to improve local facilities.  It is obligatory for anyone staying in Spain for more than six months to obtain a Padron.

The Padron is essential for many daily aspects of life in Spain and can be obtained from the local Ayuntamiento.   Every office asks for different paperwork in relation to this and it can sometimes be a frustrating task.  We are able to verify the paperwork required and accompany you to the Town Hall to obtain this certificate.

The Padron Certificate is required to register at a health centre, enrolment at a school and the purchase / registration of a car. The Padron has validity between 30 – 90 days, however only needs to be updated every 3-5 years.


Contact us now for advise regarding NIE number, Residencia and Padron matters.