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  1. shane Rosun

    Hi ive come to live in spain and ive got a Mauritius licence and am just wondering if I could change my licence to a spanish one and I would like to have some information please as am driving and dont want to be in trouble with the law

    • Nicola Tait

      Hello, non EU licences cannot be exchanged, you would need to sit the theory test and then the actual driving test through the Spanish system.

  2. Paul

    just sorting out frenewing my licene and realised it is out of date, what should I do?.

    • Nicola Tait

      Hi, you can still apply for a Spanish licence even if it has run out.

  3. Colin McKenzie

    Hi, we became Spanish Residents in February 2014….do we need to change our licence yet please?

    • Nicola Tait

      hi, the report says it should be done within 2 years, therefore you still have 1 more year.

    • Nicola Tait

      It doesn’t affect non residents, it is only applicable to fiscal residents.

  4. Janiccee

    I renewed mine in 2013 so am I correct in saying this do not apply to me?

    • Nicola Tait

      That is correct if you renewed to a Spanish one in 2013 then you have the right one.

  5. Robert Carter

    i am British so from an EU country but am resident in Norway so my driving licence is Norwegian. Not yet resident in Spain but that could happen soon. Do I have to change to a Spaish license?

    • Nicola Tait

      Hello, Norway is not included in the 28 countries within the EU but it is included in the ‘EU Economic Space’ and therefore will be acceptable to exchange to a Spanish licence, apologies for the earlier incorrect information.

  6. Val

    I became a resident about a year ago, how do I go about changing my license? What paperwork etc do I need?

  7. janet

    Hi there,
    I have just had my purse stolen out my bag in ikea with my uk drivkng licence in it, do I need to get a new uk licence before I get a spanish lincence.

  8. Mariana

    Hi Nicola,

    I’m Finnish and moved to Spain on April 2011, when I obtained my NIE, social security number and empadronamiento. My Finnish licence has expired already a few years ago and on top of it, it has been also stolen and now I’m wondering if I can automatically get the new one here in Spain without sitting through the theory lessons etc,? I have the official paper from Finnish traffic authority proving that I have been granted the licence on 2003. Apart from this, which documents do I need to present to get the Spanish licence? I’d appreciate your help!

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Nicola Tait

      Hello Mariana, I will email you directly the way forward. Thanks Nicola

  9. Mike normington

    Hi I have a c+e licence if I move to spain to live and work would
    Would i need to take test

    • Nicola Tait

      Hi Mike, thank you for your enquiry no you would not need to take a test.

  10. Terry Jonse

    I would like you to change mine, what paperwork do you need? And how much does it cost?

  11. TERRY

    I m a UK resident , with a home in the UK …. I rent in Spain , but travel between Australia, UK and Spain …. I have an NIE and used to be a resident but the paperwork was stolen about 18 months ago and i havnt replaced it as i no longer own property in Spain…. I drive throughout Europe and Australia on my UK licence …Do i have to change my licence ??

    • Nicola Tait

      Thank you for your recent enquiry, with a permanent address in the UK and with the travelling that you do I would not see it necessary to change to a Spanish licence.

  12. susan kennedy

    Have had aptitude test etc and have all paerwork for changing uk to spanish driving licence. Also have an appointment for trafico in Alicante, but no confidence to go alone. Please advise me of possible service to collect for me and cost involved. Thankyou

    • Nicola Tait

      Hi Susan, I have emailed you directly yes we can present the paperwork on your behalf.

  13. tina

    Hi I am enquiring on behalf of my husband, he is resident in spain his licence witch is a picture licence,in out in 2016 when his 10 years are up, but on the back of the licence it says 2018, when he will be 70,please could you advise us on what we should do,it is a UK licence

    • Nicola Tait

      Thank you for your enquiry, when the licence expires in 2016 he will need to replace it with a Spanish one.

  14. Gillian Webber

    Can you please send me details of how to change my lisence to a Spanish one please.

  15. gayna mccanis

    Hi Nicola. My UK licence has expired and I am now a Spanish resident. How do I aquire a Spanish licence and what are the costs involved please.I am in the Orihuela Costa area. Thanks.

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