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  1. susan margaret thomas

    Dear Sir, I would be grateful if you would clarify a point which has arisen, of my relatives having to pay £1,000 for the removal of my body after death to University Hospital Alicante.

    My husband (now dead) and i donated our bodies in 1996 and we received a charming letter from Professor Francsco Sanchez del Campo thanking us for our generous donation.

    Frank Thomas of Edif el Castillo Planta 4, c/mAJOR 21, ben idorm died in Villjoyosa hospital on 11th October 2004. His body was sent to Your hospital and i WAS NOT CHARGED £1,000.

    Please answer this query as i am a pensioner and do not have savings of £1,000.


    Susan Thomas.

    • Nicola Tait

      Good Morning, We have spoken with the University of Alicante and they advise that you call them directly to discuss the process of body donations. or +34 965903400

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