Costa Med Consulting

 Selling property in Spain, once you have decided to sell your property you may want to return to your home country and appoint a representative to complete everything on your behalf.

Our service includes:

  • Liaising with the selling agent or buyer directly to prepare the purchase contract and ensure all relevant clauses are included.
  • Manage receipt of deposit.
  • Attend the signing of the Title Deed and give a verbal translation of the document.
  • Ensure payment of any taxes retained on your behalf (non resident).
  • Cancel standing orders, policies and direct debits.
  • Close bank accounts and arrange transfer of funds to your desired location.

Do not forget that there are always costs involved in selling, for example capital gains tax, plusvalia tax, and agents fees.   We will advise you and give you an estimate for the complete cost of the sale.

As a Non Resident, selling property in Spain the purchaser will according to Spanish law retain 3% of the Title Deed value as a payment on account for the vendors possible capital gains tax, this amount is paid into the Spanish tax authorities.

Sometimes the capital gains tax can be lower than the 3% retained and the balance will be returned to an appointed bank account.

We are able to prepare, calculate the tax and present the declaration on your behalf.

The conveyancing cost is very low compared to your reassurance and peace of mind knowing that all business has been completed correctly, taxes have been paid and that you are compliant with the Spanish law.

New European laws mean that if they want to, the Spanish authorities can contact you in your home country for any outstanding debts.


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