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Change of ownership

If you choose to buy or sell a car privately, we are able to prepare the purchase contract and complete all of the paperwork necessary to change the car into your name or the new owners name if you have sold it on to somebody else.

We will take the pain out of the administration, pay the taxes and deal directly with the Traffic Department on your behalf.  You or the new owners will then receive the new ownership documents in due course.

Contact us now for advise and costs relating to car transfers.

Re-registration and Spanish number plates

If you choose to bring your car to Spain permanently, we are able to arrange for the necessary paperwork, present this paperwork at the Traffic Department for the Spanish Car registration and then obtain the Spanish Registration plates.

To change the car onto Spanish plates, the car must have been in the owner´s name for at least one year.

After 6 months of the vehicle being in Spain, you are obliged to change to Spanish plates, however you can do this earlier if you wish.

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Driving Licenses

As an EU citizen driving a car in Spain with a European license is permitted if you are a non-resident, however there are several exceptions and you should speak to us to check your position. If you are resident, it is necessary to change your driving license to a Spanish license.

We will take care of the administrative system dealing with this, present your application in the Spanish Traffic Department and you will receive a temporary Spanish driving license until the new one is ready for collection.

If your license has expired naturally, has been lost, stolen or misplaced, we can assist with the paperwork and application of a replacement license.  We can also recommend a suitable location for the Medical Examination that is required.

Driving in Spain

If you are non-resident and a member of the EU, you may drive your vehicle from your home country within Spain without changing the number plates. If the car needs an ITV (the Spanish MOT), this can be carried out in Spain but it will only be valid whilst the car is being driven in Spain. You will be able to  obtain insurance for your vehicle but will not be able to tax the vehicle here – you must apply to the relevant home authorities for this.

Whilst driving a car in Spain on foreign number plates, you are required to put “stickers” on the headlights to bring them in line with Spanish regulations.

driving licence and keys


Contact us now for advise and costs relating to driving license renewals and applications


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  1. Barbaracatling

    I have already applied for a Spanish licence in June, my friend did hers on the same day, she has had hers through, I’m still waiting, after contacting Swansea numorous times and not getting anywhere, we made an appointment at traffico alicante, to do my friends, and enquire about mine we were told that they had contacted England 3 times by electronic mail, but had no reply, the want proof of my drivers no date of birth issue and categories and restrictions, so I phoned Swansea again and they told me they had nothing from traffico, but would send a fax with the details, this was just before Christmas, up to now have still had nothing, can you give me any advice. Thanks

  2. Nicola Tait

    Hello Barbara, please send a copy of your residencia and driving license and we will enquire for you.

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