Costa Med Consulting

 Buying property in Spain, once you have you have found your ideal property, the next stage is to appoint a representative to guide you through the process.

Our service includes:

  • Carry out searches on the property to find out if there are any registered debts.
  • Liaising with the agent or owner to prepare the purchase contract to ensure all relevant clauses are included.
  • Manage payment of deposit.
  • Set up the Notary appointment for the signing of the title deed, by law the purchaser has the right to choose the notary office.
  • Attend the signing of the Title Deed and give a verbal translation of the document.
  • Ensure that the Title Deed is properly registered.
  • Change over utility services and set up direct debits.

Do not forget that in addition to the property price you have been quoted you always need to add an amount for the different expenses.

For example VAT, property transfer tax, notary and registration fees, we will advise you and give you an estimate for the complete cost of the purchase.

When buying a property in Spain the conveyancing cost is very low compared to your investment and if the property has not been checked properly for any debts it can become a very expensive experience for you.

Spain has a very good system in place with laws to protect you when buying property in Spain but it can appear very complicated and daunting when you do not know the language or your way around the Spanish authorities and offices.


Contact us now for a quotation and advice on buying property in Spain.